Ferric is an italian steel agency. Since 1999 we work with all the most important worldwide steelmills.
During these years we represented international trading companies,like Stemcor, Noble Resources, Nordic Intertrade and others.
Our trading volume is around 150k tons per year; we also have a corresponding company in Spain, which is now agent of NLMK and Jws.


We work in the import/export of steel coils, sheets, strips in all quantity of carbon steel and electrical steel. Our sales network give us the chance to sell steel products all over Europe, providing material for every kind of industry.
Our customers businesses are:

  • Automotive
  • Home appliances & Electronics
  • Construction
  • Machinery & Pipes
  • Chemical plants
  • Steel service center
  • Blanking
  • Motors lamination


Our offices are just 30 km from the Port of La Spezia,which is one of the most strategic port of Italy for container shipping, and only 2 km far from the Port of Carrara,very well equipped for breakbulk.


We are partner of 2 steel service centers, located next our HQ,with whom we can stock coils for trading business,also providing just in time service, slitting and cut to length.
In order to increase our volumes, steel categories we are looking for our customers, are:

Categories Thickness
Hot Rolled 1,50 - 8,00 mm
Pickled oiled 1,50 - 8,00 mm
Cold Rolled 1,50 - 8,00 mm
Galvanized 0,18 - 3,00 mm
Full Hard 0,18 - 3,00 mm
Electrical Steel (fully and semi finished) 0,20 - 0,65 mm


FERRIC SRL c/o Centro Direzionale Olidor
Via Oliveti 110
54100 Massa – Italy

Telephone: +39 0585 255352
Fax: +39 0585 796698
Web: www.ferric.it
E-mail: commerciale@ferric.it